You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' ~~~Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Smeared and Smudged 2nd Annual Blog Hop!!!


I Must Confess!!

I have something I need to tell all of my
blogging friends out there in web world! 
 I have been dreading this post
for days  and have put it off so many times
 but  now just seems the right time to do this! 

I am sorry but I am going to have to
stop blogging and making altered art! 
There's just not enough time in the day
to get everything done and I just don't
 feel the creative flow anymore!
I don't know what's wrong with me .
 I just don't want to do this anymore. 
Maybe I need to get a different hobby,
one that doesn't eat up all of my extra time!

 Either way, I am just burnt out on
 all of this blogging and art stuff. 
There is paper scraps and scissors
 and paint smeared everywhere!

There's junk all over my house and the
kids are getting into my supplies and
tearing them up and my husband
complains all of the time about the mess!

My altered art mess ends up getting strung
from one end of the house to the other!
I' ve just got to quit and that's that !

 I guess this is my last ever post
and I am ever going to write !
Oh, this is so sad but it has to be done!
 I am deleting all of my accounts today!

So goodbye my dear and faithful friends!
I will never forget your kindness toward
me and all of the wonderful art
 that you have shared with me! 

Good bye dear friends!!


I will never forget you !

 I will treasure you for always!


You have just beeen punked !

April Fools!!!!

Did I have you going? 
 YOU know I  could never ever quit
 my blogging or creating my spooky
altered art and my vintage art! 

If I was in a body cast,
hanging upside down with a blind fold on,
 I would figure out someway to
keep doin' my art thang !! 

Like the body needs food...
once you start to creat art,
you open the door to your soul! 
As the body needs bread and drink...
a soul yearns to express the deep
neverending depth of what life is,
and through that life is art.
Art feeds the soul!

O.K.  People
Let's Party!

Smeared and Smudged is just the
greatest group of people around !
Our art is an expression of our feelings ,
our imagination, and our creativity!
If you ever want to be inspired daily
 by a group of wonderful people,
then go over and visit
Smeared and Smudged
and talk to our host, Terra!  
Come aad join in on all of the tutorials
and fun sub-groups that she offers!!

It's not a Halloween-- 
--365 days a year--
 kind of Art Group!

There are sub-groups for 
 journaling, altering books,
sketch challenges, a fairy group,
a ATC Swap Group,
and a Twisted Tutorial group,
 whose main focus is on finding
and learning new techniques to
use in their art projects!

It's a group that inspires you to dig deep within
your inner self to find the light and dark sides,
to discover WHO you really are!

 It's exhilerating to allow yourself the  
freedom  to completely give yourself over
to your creative instincts and to express 
the "real" you-- through your art work!

It's a discovery of the possibilities.
 Maybe you may have never had the 
 courage to completely let go
and truly express yourself when
you've created art before!
Maybe you were playing it too safe!
It's in the impossibilites that all
things can become possible!

 Trust me, once you really know who
your are and what you want, 
  the imagaination flows 
and the spirt soars!

If you love Rubber Stamping ,
then this is also the group for you!
Terra has her own line of stamps that she designs 
that are really out of this world awesome!

Just go to the web site on the Terra's
 blog button and you will see for yourself
all of the cool stamps she has in her store! 

Now to show you a few projects that I have created:

Since it is April Fool's Day,
 I am going to mix it up some,
give you a view of my altered art work 
 from the past , present, and future!!


This is the  poem that I wrote that
goes with the theme of  this art piece!

O, Woman,
Stand Straight!
Stand Tall!
 Go Forth!
Even though
ye be
filled with woes!

O, Warriar!
Be Brave!
Be True!
The Battle is Fierce,
Where the Heart beats
Strong within thy Soul!

O Woman,
Go Forth!
Good Courage to Thee!
Release Thy Fate!
Take Flight And Soar!


That's an image of "grown-up me" holding "baby me"!



How many knitting witches are in this art piece?

"Time Traveler"

If you are visiting my blog today
and you are not a Member
of "Smeared and Smudged",
go ahead and click through all
 of the links that I have posted below! 
 YOU will find some very amazing art
at every blog site you stop to visit! 
These special people are very
 talented and creative!  I know you will
enjoy visitng their blog sites
and seeing their work! 

 If you are visitng me and you are a
Member of "Smeared and Smudged",  
thank you for coming over to visit me
and looking at all of my spooky art work!
I also want to thank you for you kindness, 
 your warm friendship, and your inspiring art
that really g old art juices flowing!

  Big hugs to everyone! 
Have a great day!

Now Let's Go Blog Hop!!!!














Black Dragon-


Lady Brayton-



Dear Friends, leave me a comment...

Dear Friends, leave me a comment...

Life Is A Witch And Then You Fly!

Life Is A Witch And Then You Fly!

The Poem "Dark Rosaleen"

O my Dark Rosaleen, Do no sigh, do not weep! The priests are on the ocean green, they march along the Deep. There's wine from the royal Pope upon the ocean green; and Spanish ale shall give you hope, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! Shall glad your heart, shall give you hope, Shall give you health, and help, and hope, My Dark Rosaleen. Over hills and through dales have I roamed for your sake; all yesterday I sailed with sails on river and on lake. The Erne at its highest flood I dashed across unseen, For there was lightning in my blood, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! Oh! there was lightning in my blood, Red lightning lightened through my blood, My Dark Rosaleen! All day long in unrest to and fro do I move, The very soul within my breast Is wasted for you,love! The heart in my bosom faints to think of you, my Queen, My life of life, my saint of saints, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! To hear your sweet and sad complaints, My life, my love, my saint of saints, My Dark Rosaleen! Woe and pain, pain and woe, are my lot night and noon, To see your bright face clouded so, like to the mournful moon. But yet will I rear your throne again in golden sheen;'Tis you shall reign, shall reign alone, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! 'Tis you shall have the golden throne,'Tis you shall reign, and reign alone, My Dark Rosaleen! Over dews, over sands will I fly for your weal; your holy delicate white hands shall girdle me with steel. At home in your emerald bowers,from morning's dawn till e'en, you'll pray for me, my flower of flowers, My Dark Rosaleen! My fond Rosaleen! You'll think of me through Daylight's hours, My virgin flower, my flower of flowers, My Dark Rosaleen! I could scale the blue air, I could plough the high hills, Oh, I could kneel all night in prayer, to heal your many ills! And one beamy smile for you would float like light between my toils and me, my own, my true, My Dark Rosaleen! My fond Rosaleen! Would give me life and soul anew, A second life, a soul anew, My Dark Rosaleen! O! the Erne shall run red with redundance of blood, The earth shall rock beneath our tread, and flames wrap hill and wood, and gun-peal, a slogan cry, wake many a glen serene, ere you shall fade, ere you shall die, My Dark Rosaleen! My own Rosaleen! The Judgment Hour must first be nigh,ere you can fade, ere you can die, My Dark Rosaleen!