Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DragonDreams TAG IT ON Challenge

The Theme this week for
"Willow Pattern Story"

Here is my entry:

 I loved this challenge and the story was so sweet. 
 I  would like to make a mini-book about this theme! 
I will post the story as soon as I turn my entry in
so that you can read it and understand
what our theme was all about!

The Willow Pattern Story

The Willow Pattern represents
a beautiful love story....

....In ancient China a powerful nobleman lived
in a palace with his beautiful daughter.
The Palace was surrounded by gardens
with fruit trees & a lovely willow.
But the daughter fell in love with her father's
humble clerk, against her father's wishes.
The clerk was dismissed & they were forbidden to
see each other.  A zig-zag fence was built around
 the gardens so that the poor clerk could not enter.
However the two lovers fled & escaped
across a bridge, with her father chasing them.
The lovers traveled to a distant land but the
 nobleman sent his men to kill them.
When the Gods saw what was happening,
they transformed the couple
 into a pair of lovebirds....

Thanks for looking at my art work
and have a pleasent evening!

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Karen said...

Oh this is really beautiful Kimberley!!! I am so pleased that you enjoyed the story, its very romantic isn't it?

Thank you for dreaming with us this week XXX

Dragon said...

This is a lovely tag, Kimberley. Thanks for dreaming with us this week.. So glad you are enjoying the challenge and especially Karen's lovely story. I would love to see the fat book when it's finished!!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh, I'm loving all your gothic / dark art. coool! Kate

I'll just be brokenhearted if I don't hear from you!