Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Vampire's Guide

Exciting News!

I don't know if I told you
but I am a
of the
Design Team
Moonlight Journey!
When I decided write this post, 
 I immediately knew that
 their awesome collage sheet
 would be perfect for  my version of the


A Vampire's Guide to
 Surviving a Werewolf Attack! 

Ya'll know I am all about

Well, I am a bit down because
the last episode is coming up on
 Septembert 12th and then
no more series until next year!!
Sad! Sad! Sad!
I still have more books in the
Sokkie Stackhouse series to read
 so maybe I'll be able to
hold out until next June!!

So...to all  
 fans out there...
  I thought I would share 
of one of the 
 with you!

*Small note:
The art is mine,
the images are from
Moonlight Journey,
and  the quotes are from the
True Blood Series 3, Episode 9!!
Gotta give credit where credit is due!!

A Vampire's Guide To
 Surviving A
WereWolf Attack!!

With Were attacks on the rise,
you have to be prepared to defend yourself !

Here are 6 easy guide lines to remember
when confronted with a Werewolf attack!

1.  Always Stay Dehydrated
Feeding before facing off against a
pack of Werewolves can be the difference
 between a bad night and a true death!
A Full Vampire is a Strong Vampire!

Werewolves are dirty, loud, and stupid!
You should be able to hear
and smell them coming a mile away!
The nose never lies!

Your emotions must stay in check!
They can smell fear and
use it to their advantage!
We are Superior!
Act Like it!

Spot out the Alpha and take him out!
With no leader, the others will be disorganized!

Faster than you probably even know! 
Strike Quickly!!
They'll never know what hit them!!

You are the
fastest creature
 on the planet
 for crying out loud!!!


If you really liked the
"very cool and  spooky"
Vampire Images
 I used for my altered art,
then go to the
Moonlight Journey badge 
located on  my side bar
and click to see all
thier really amazing
 NEW Halloween collage sheets!
And have a great time making
Happy Halloween 
" Spooky Art"!

Thank you for visiting
my very Spooky Blog!

Come back by again to see
the altered art of
Dark Rosaleen!

 It's a lot of frightful fun, 
  with ghostly terrible treats, 
and haunted horrible sights
of  that special night we call

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We're Blog Hopping Again!

We've got a really Cool Theme:
It's all about Hiding something in your Art Work !!
   I am really looking forward to participating
in this Smeared and Smudged Blog Hop!
 It's a great way to meet new members,
a chance to check out their blog sites,
and  see all of the  projects they have created!  
The artists in this group are extremely talented
and always come up with so many amazing ideas!
You can't help but be inspired as you go
from blog to blog to see what's next! 

 The added plus is getting to see 
 new stamp collections or techniques
 that maybe you haven't seen before! 
I love  those really neat details
that gives any altered art piece 
 that extra OOOMph!!!

I decided to make my project
  with a Steampunk theme!

A really cool site dedicated to all things Steampunk!

 The whole Steampunk /Weird Science/Vintage Style
has it's own special appeal that takes 
any mixed-media project to a
 whole new level of how to alter art!  

I love those rusty, grungy, metal embellishments!

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

And have you seen the brass goggles
that people are wearing?
I don't think I'll go buy a pair for myself
but I love how they look on everyone else!! 
                               Image courtesy of Wikipedia                               

Steampunk has really hit  the
fashion world  and taken it by storm!
The perfect Steampunk "Look"

Love the jacket!

Too Cool!!

Love the striped tights!!

Look at the back!!
This one is my favorite!!

Images and clothes can be found on this web site:

Victorian and vintage clothes  have become
 more popular since the mechanical/fantasy
style concentrates mainly on  the 
great  jewelry accessories that look
so awesome with the clothes!

Music has even taken on the theme!

“They say you can’t please everybody… sounds like a challenge to me!”
- Captain John Sprocket

Picture and quote from:

 Steampunk is so unique,
so different with all of it's quirky appeal, 
but still keeps that vintage style that I love so much!
Of course it comes from an era when man began
to see the impossible become possible! 

suddenly, their world was filled with so many
new inventions tht created a lifestlye that
was completely  different from anything
they had ever seen before!

 It must have been a very exciting time
to be alive and see men flying airplanes
and  driving motor cars  for the first time! 
Talking on the telephone must have
seemed so unreal at the time!

Imagine sending your voice out into
the airand someone hears you
and sends their voice back!

 Those days were filled with
such wonder and excitement!
What a   crazy/cool time to live in!

By now, I guess you're asking yourself the question,
"So enough about Steampunk!
Where is the art  project she worked on?"

You Found It!!

It's here,
at the bottom of my post!!

Did you find the hidden part?

***The Vintage Steampunk Image is courtesy of
Moonlight Journey's Collage Sheets!***

I have to do a little bit of bragging,
(hope you don't mind) 
because I  just became a
new member of their Design Team!

I have been using their collage sheets for almost a
year now and couldn't be more pleased with the quality
and the technical creativity that goes into every sheet! 
I'm so excited  now to have the chance to use
those same sheets to create designs for their team! 
It's gonna be a lot of fun!

If you'd like to visit the site to look at
the collage sheets or to see the
Design Team's Art Work,
please use the link below!

They are in the Halloween mode right now so
the sheets  they are creating  are definitely
what everyone will need to get an early jump 
on their Spooky Halloween  Art Projects!
They have the best Gothic sheets on the web!

In order to keep a Halloween blog year round,
 I knew I would have to find a site that
would have everything I needed to keep my
blog looking it's "gruesome-gothic" best!! 

Here is the link:


Thanks so much for dropping by to visit!
 If you feel inspired to get
Smeared and Smudged,  
grab some ink, paper, rubber stamps,
and old metal gears, get prepared to get grungy,
 and  make some Steampunk Art today!


You're welcome to hop over
to the Smeared and Smudged
blog links listed below and say "Hello"! 
I'm sure they would love to have
 you look at their art work!

I think you'll find some really cool
and interesting projects that might
inspire you to get out your inks
and do some smudging too!  

Hey, you might  like their art so much
you' ll want to join our group too! 


Have a great Blog Hoppin' Day!

I'll just be brokenhearted if I don't hear from you!