Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Moonlight Journey DTA Art Work

It's that time of the year to create
Spooky Dark Art
 Moonlight Journey!
 My Poltergiest Plea!

No Candy For Me?

Trick Or Treat!  Say I'm Sweet!
Or I Won't Give You Anything To Eat!

Dr.  Strangelove

 Enderella  And Edger

Now What Was The Spell...

Beauty Spell

Why Do You Look At Me As If
I Have A Huge Bat Stuck In My Hair?


13 Whimsical Wishes

Second Sight Sisters

 Katrina Van Tassel
"The Cat Witch"

Naughty Little Witch! 
 Did You Turn Your Sister Felicity Into A Bird?
Esmarelda's Little Shop Of  Effervescent Ether

Mrs. Fairweather's Fortunes

 Miss Melancholia

Mrs.  PentDragon's Predictions

Magical Enchantress

Thank you for stopping by to look at my
SpOoKy DaRk ArT!!

If you would like to create some super fun
Halloween Art for yourself
then click HERE
to go to Moonlight Journey because they
are having their famous BOGO SALE! 
Buy 1 Collage Sheet Get 1 Free!
Now is the time to  fill up your
Spooky Files with all kinds of  Scary/Fun Images!

Happy Halloween!

I'll just be brokenhearted if I don't hear from you!