Thursday, September 24, 2015

Collage Obsession

 The Three Of Graces
This art piece was created from the Botticelli painting, Primavera,  which is where I got my image to use for the Tarot Card Challenge. I love Botticelli's work and knew that I would want to create more art later on from some of the  images from the painting. When I read about  our new challenge this week, I thought  the Primavera  would be a perfect fit for what I had in mind to create!

Primavera, also known as Allegory of Spring, 
painted by the famous Italian Renaissance artist, Sandra Botticelli,1482.
 This is what the painting looks like in it's entirety, which includes 9 demi-gods and goddess!
Truly a beautiful masterpiece!!
A few Interesting facts about the La Primavera!!! 
The pastoral scenery is elaborate. Botticelli said there are 500 identified plant species depicted in the painting, with about 190 different flowers. Of the 190 different species of flowers depicted, at least 130 have been specifically named.

From right to left: Zephyrus, the biting wind of March, kidnaps and possesses the nymph Chloris, whom he later marries and transforms into a deity; she becomes the goddess of Spring, eternal bearer of life, and is scattering roses on the ground.

Venus presides over the garden - an orange grove where she stands in front of the dark leaves of a myrtle bush.  The  Three Graces accompanying her are targeted by Cupid,  while Mercury keeps the garden safe from threatening clouds. The woman in the flowered dress is Primavera (a personification of Spring) with her companion Flora.

The painting was inventoried in the collection of Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici in 1499. Since 1919, it has hung in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. During World War Two, the picture was moved to Montegufoni Castle to protect it from wartime bombing. It was returned to the Uffizi Gallery where it remains to the present day. In 1982, the painting was restored.


Background from PSO Autumn Art mini kit, Metal Tag from Tragic Garden, and  clip art from Moonlight Journey.


ULKAU said...

This has become a wonderful collage!
Botticelli is so great, and say thanks for your information to his painting! Greetings from Ulrike

Kym Decker said...
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