Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Darkness Inspiration Challenge

The Theme for this Challenge is
"Scary Clowns"!
I made this a 3-dimensional piece of art! 
I'm afraid my pictures do not
 do this project much justice!

The front of the piece has a canopy
that stretches out about two inches
from the images on the inside of the image!

Maybe a better view of the canopy!


"Little Anne" just had to have her
picture taken with the clowns!

I wanted to build a small
stage to attach to the
 bottom of the  piece to
support it's edges
 and give viewers a better
 look at the unique features
of the clown images
 I simply ran out of time!!!
  Oh well, another day, perhaps?

I couldn't leave out this beauty! 

Dulcamara's Fierce Feline!
Mr. Pied Piper

Thank you for looking at my entry
 and please have a great day!

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