Thursday, October 22, 2009

MoRe hALLoWeeN TrEaTs!!!!!


 I  found  something better than FOOD!!!

 I found a new site  that offers some really great clip art so  I thought I would share it with you!!!!   

  If  you get a chance today, please   "Fly"
 over to Dover Publications and check out their wonderful free samples of clip art!

 Their company offers a wide range of unique books, cards, famous art work,
vintage musical & movie posters, vintage ads, and beautiful pictures of nature. Like I said...  in every subject imaginable!
      And of course, 
plenty of clip art for  those who

    have a need to use paper
      in  their   "CRAFT" !!!

 I love the vintage memorabilia  books, cards, coloring books, and clip art that they offer, ranging from Early  Victorian Fashion to WW II Airplanes to Early Accounts of  Historical People, including Marie Antoinette!

Lots and Lots of Retro Art too!!!  Even unique stickers and interesting coloring books that are sure to please the little ones in your life.! OH, yes, and Paper Dolls by the hundreds in every catagory imaginable too!

     And I can't believe I am saying this ...but...a great place to shop for those "special people" on your...
Christmas List! 

I know 2 little girls that would just love
to find Vintage Movie Star Paperdolls  under the tree on Christmas Morning!!!

All you have to do is sign up for a free membership
and they send you a free samples every week through your
e-mail! So easy ! Go check out the site and see for yourself how amazing  their company really is!!!

Here is a small sample of what I received today!

And this is just a taste of the 6, 000 different types of merchandise that Dover Publications offers...honestly you're not going to believe what you see!

Have a happy day and make some really great art to inspire someone in your life or on the web! (like me!)

Also, a big thanks to all of those that have left such nice comments about my art and my site!  You are so sweet!
Big Hugs!!!!

***P. S. Here is the information to contact Dover  Publishing Company.
And as always, unless told otherwise, these images I have posted today cannot be copied from my web site for  commercial use, to be sold, or reprinted and are the sole property and copyright of Dover Publishing. However,  they can be used for personal use should you become a member of their web site and receive the free samples for your own creative endeavers!!!

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